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BY KRISTIN SKEWERIS and Andrew Eiswert

It’s almost impossible to imagine life without our advancements in technology. You can do everything from anywhere with your phone: order a pizza, request an Uber, update your Facebook status, and yes, purchase a vacation home. So naturally, you may begin to wonder, with all of this information available, why would you need a REALTOR®? Some buyers and sellers are tempted to steer clear of REALTORS® and go at it alone. But at the end of the day, no technology, website, or flashy advertising sign can replace or compete with a REALTOR®, and this is why:

Deep Creek lake Real Estate Lakefront

Honesty – We put this one first, because honesty is not only a priority, but it’s one of the pillars of our brokerage.  Deceptive and misleading advertising is real and happens in this digital age, and it’s more likely to have an affect on buyers working without a REALTOR®. Working with a REALTOR®, especially those who are members of the local board, means you’re always offered Buyer Agency. A Buyer's Agent works solely for you, the buyer, and can see through any misleading advertising. REALTORS® must abide by a code of ethics, but our livelihood also relies on building and maintaining trust. We’re here to serve you: transparently, wholly, and ensuring you are not mislead into a deceptive sale.

Expertise – Truly knowing and understanding Deep Creek Lake’s real estate market is a tool far more valuable than a daily email update from Zillow. From unfamiliar acronyms to the terminology, just basic property descriptions can be confusing or misleading if you’re not familiar with the jargon. Terms like buffer strip, Type-A dock, lake access, and buy-down are Deep Creek Lake specific. Perhaps even more confusing than the terminology is knowing which documents you’ll need to have a binding contract, how much time you need to close your loan and allow for inspections, which inspections to get…it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Having an expert in your corner gets all those questions answered and assuaged.

Dock on Deep Creek Lake

Searching Power – The internet has provided you with so many home-buying sites, ours included, to help you keep an eye on properties or give you an idea of how our market functions. And while you may think you have an endless list of options, you don’t know what you’re missing, literally. Did you know most brokerages offer in-house listing agreements? We, as REALTORS® not only have access to these exclusive listings, but they also have the capability to search our MLS system to give you a complete picture of all that's for sale. They have the tools to set you up on the best possible searches, giving you instant alerts when a property hits the market, not when that third-party website finally updates. Andrew Eiswert also has his own internal network and often learns of new listings before the general public, giving you an "in" you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Connections – We've been helping people buy and sell properties in Garrett County and the Deep Creek Lake area since 1974, and are often asked who to call for services related to buying and owning a home. Building relationships in our community comes naturally for us. Real estate transactions are nothing if not a well-executed group effort. Even after you’ve purchased or sold your home, you can always call your REALTOR® for a recommendation for any service, from buying a boat to landscaping your home.

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More Than Just Your Agent – This may not be true for every REALTOR®, but we know first hand, the agents in our office are much more than just your REALTOR®. They’re also your expert negotiator and your human form of a Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County search engine. In what could be a complicated process, you couldn’t have better teammates than Andrew Eiswert and Railey Realty.

The expression ‘better safe than sorry’ couldn’t have more weight than it does when it comes to real estate and working with a REALTOR®. It’s my job as your REALTOR® to make sure you’re getting the best possible price in the most transparent way, whether you’re buying or selling. In what can be a very large financial and emotional decision of your life, choosing to work with Andrew Eiswert, a REALTOR®, and Railey Realty should be the easiest decision you make.